What is the PAC?

The Monterey Parent Advisory Council (PAC) consists of any and all parents with a child enrolled at Monterey Middle School. There is no limit to the role this group can play in the context of this learning community.

Our goal is to have an adequately resourced, equipped and engaged school community so as to enhance the educational, physical and emotional development of our children. We listen, discuss, advise, inform, support, serve, contribute, and engage in many aspects of school life.

How is the PAC managed?

The PAC is managed by the PAC Executive team made up of volunteer Monterey parents. The PAC Executive team is organized as follows:

President / Chair

  • Takes input from parents and works with the PAC Executive team on the direction of the PAC for the year

  • Chairs general PAC meetings and executive meetings

  • Works closely with treasurer to prepare budget

  • Represents parent views to school administration

Vice President / Co-Chair

  • Works with the President to effectively represent all parents of Monterey Middle School

  • Will chair meetings if Chair is unavailable


  • Ensures that all funds of the council are properly accounted for

  • Manages accounts, budget, and grant applications governed by the PAC

  • Disburses funds as authorized by the membership or the Executive


  • Takes meeting minutes of general and executive meetings, presents them to the membership


  • Have board voting responsibilities

  • Directors lead committees, areas of interest (i.e. Parent Education), or specific fundraisers.