Holiday Hampers

What is it?

Holiday Hampers is an initiative managed by the Holiday Hampers Committee which provides a wonderful opportunity for any/all Monterey families in a fortunate enough position to give to others in need. In partnership with various schools in Greater Victoria, our PAC has a list families who could use some support such as: groceries, clothing, and special treats/gifts, during these darkest and coldest months of the year.

How does it work?

  1. Each set of two classes (i.e. Division 1 & 2 together) has a parent coordinator to put together a Holiday Hamper for a specific family. While the identity of each family is anonymous to us, we are given some relevant details (i.e. the number of family members, ages, interests, clothing sizes, etc.) for each Hamper.

  2. Emails are sent out by the Parent Hamper Coordinator for your child’s class with all the relevant information.

If your family is in a position to do so, please contribute to this initiative and brighten another family’s experience during the holiday season!